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We love our training, and we're keen to share it with
everyone who wants to run longer, faster, or just
easier. Oh, and have lots of fun doing it.

For runners targeting a spring Half or Marathon

10 Mile Club - Evening running for getting the miles in your legs

LSD with Dan - Weekend long slow distance runs

Body and mind conditioning for getting the most out of racing

Wintervals - Road interval work

Hilly Heaven - Making hills your friend

Friday Track - Quality work on a great surface

For everyone: newbies to ultrarunners seeking efficiency and injury prevention

RunBoot - Cross training for Striders

Sunday Trail - Weekend variety

Getting the balence right

Social Thursday - Monthly themed run for everybody

Full Moon Madness - Escaping Marlow's streetlights once in a while

Wherever you are with your running, and whatever you are looking to achieve, you can come and run with us. Our aim is to share the joy of running and all the rewarding opportunities that running can bring into your life.

A small friendly club with a breadth of abilities and aspirations. You will benefit from the support, camaraderie and experience of our runners.

We have a busy and mixed calendar, check here to see what we're doing

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Marlow Striders Group Training tells you our training activities now, so you can best use Marlow Striders to achieve your running objectives.

Get more on competition and the social side of Marlow Striders, as well as club info and membership on our main website.