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We love to celebrate the wonderful countryside that surrounds us in the best way possible: by running in it.  Join Blanche for a delightful steady pace trail run of 5 to 6 miles Sunday mornings.

Running off-road is great for increasing training variety, making you stronger, tougher, and keeping you away from injury. It also lifts the spirit come wintertime. Such a nice change to all those town miles.

Sunday Trail - Sunday mornings 9am

So easy to get fixated by miles or times: don't!

The more bredth there is in your training, the better and easier you will run, and the more likely you will stay away from injury.

Adding variety, breadth and fun to our running, Midge will be incorporating some non-running exercises into our training to boost performance and keep us away from injury.

Midge’s format promises we will still get our much loved running between bases, whilst a variety of challenging but fun “boot Camp” activities will work us hard, challenge our agility and strengthen our core.

RunBoot is for everyone. Our aim is to be inclusive and involve a broad range of ability.

RunBoot: Cross Training "Boot Camp" - Thurdays 7pm poster.pdf Blanche trail run.jpg