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Back under the streetlights of Marlow for our evening training for a robust mix of speed, pace and distance guaranteed to keep your winter running alive.

Whatever level of runner you are we will push you a little bit further, work you a little bit harder, for you to achieve greater: and have some running fun along the way.

Interval training is for everyone. Come and join our coach Les for some accelerated conditioning, calorie burning, and feel-good factor.

poster.pdf Wintervals - Thursdays 7pm

Embrace our hill sessions and make hills your friends. Full-on training for increasing heart and lung function, boosting metabolism, burning mountains of calories, and still having fun!

 * Improve running economy

 * Reduce fatigue

 * Build endurance

 * Prevent injury

"Hill training will make you more comfortable running hills and faster at racing hilly courses", Competitive Runner’s Handbook - Bob Glover - New York Road Runners

Hilly Heaven - Tuesdays 7pm

Interval and hill training is for everyone, not just for committed athletes that like to race. Interval training accelerates cardiovascular conditioning; developing a stronger heart, efficient lungs, and greater blood supply to (pretty much) every part of the body.

Intervals is great neuromuscular conditioning for running, encouraging efficient and safe running style. Interval work develops different energy systems within the muscle and promotes faster recovery, giving more “gears” to our running. Interval training boosts metabolic rate during the session and for days afterwards, burning calories even when not exercising: a powerful ally in any weight management strategy.


There is nothing like the discipline of track to focus on your running. A variety of interval work to week on week boost your speed endurance.

Based at the top class facility Little Marlow Track, by Summer a delightful rural location to train. In Winter a welcome change to Marlow streetlights: the floodlighting make you think it's daytime.

We share this session with Handy Cross Runners. 7pm - 8:30pm, changing and showers available. Bring £1 and ask for Mike Hickman. All levels welcome.

Little Marlow Track is easy to get to. Second right after crossing A404 on road out of Marlow toward Bourne End. You can see the floodlights from the road.

Friday Track- Fridays 7pm at Little Marlow Track