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Mixing it up is the key to keeping the sparkle in your training.

Once a (lunar) month we venture out of town with headtorches under the silver light of a full moon (we hope). Efforts are always on tarmac, so don’t worry, you will not be tripping over tree roots!

Full Moon Madness - Occasional Tuesday or Thursday

Everyone loves our social runs, geared to be enjoyable for all. Yes, it’s wonderful to take time out from our usual training, share the joy of running, and catch up with all our fellow club members.

Adding to the fun, we like to theme our social runs, inspired by the season and our wonderful countryside. Summertime we often move away from base, exploring trails less well known.

Of course, a social wouldn’t be complete without a gathering for some well earned food and a drink afterwards.

Social Thursday - usually First Thursday of the Month

It's all too easy to get wrapped up in our training, without realising that it's become a chore. Bad for our motivation, our enjoyment, and our bodies.

We like to keep our training fresh with variety, and the occasional opportunity to stand back and take stock.

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